Fantastic Lab

Leading Fashion Brand Management in China

We have a proven track record of identifying and nurturing emerging winter sports, motorcycle and outdoor brands to enter China market


About Us

Fantastic Lab exists for the Love of Sports Fashion

We believe in the development of wholesale distribution, retail and cross-boarder e-commerce

Our mission is to be the brand management partner in China that brings in the best brands in skiing, snowboarding and outdoor brands beyond their destination

  • We distribute, manage and collaborate

  • A partner that aspires brand development with our localized network and knowhow

  • The one stop solution to propagate your footsteps in China

Our Services

Fantastic Lab offers bespoke brand management solutions for skiing, snowboard and outdoor brands entering the China market


Direct operated stores to bring out the best sales experience and ensure optimized outcome


Establish presence and development on local and cross-boarder online platform


We deliver bespoke & creative marketing ideas that help to viral brands' DNA and image with localized approach


Provide suggestions on design and trend that best attract

customers with our localized knowledge


Administrative Service, Customer Service, Intellectual Property Protection, Inventory Solution Management, Pricing & Merchandising, Supply Chain Management, etc.


Identify the best channel distribution with our extensive network

of 5,000 customers


Operate mono-brand stores under franchise model as a strategy

for business expansion

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